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Favorite Super Junior Lyrics - Leeteuk
140730 OCN Blog Update - Farewell party ^^ (1) (2) (3)
geety83: it has been long time since i saw donghae, finally~ #longtimefriendship #longtimeago
hae and hyukkie playing soccer...hae muscles I see you (⊙ヮ⊙)


actual cutest ahjussi (●´ ε`●) 

Hyukjae’s armpit shaving punishment cr: faccin


Guys, can we take some attention to this poll ? SJ M is 3rd currently. 

Ending : in 22 hours  5 hours



26 things I love about Cho Kyuhyun | #26 his shameless video game obsession 

KI: So Kyuhyun, I hear you have a new hobby…
KH: *giggles* Yeah, I’ve been studying a foreign language in our dorm. 
KI: No! I mean your obsession with computer games! When I come home really late, everyone else is sleeping, but I hear “YESSIR, YESSIR!” *gun noises* and I go to Kyuhyun and I’m like, “Oh, you weren’t sleeping?” and he’ll be like, “Oh, hyung, you’re here?” but he wouldn’t even look at me!!
KH: I was in the middle of a really important game!!!! And Kangin came in and was like, “What are you doing not even looking at me!?”
KI: This is what Donghae said: “Kangin hyung, Kyuhyun is mad!!” and I asked “Why?” and he says, "He’s crazy over a game!" and I ask “Why?” again. Donghae asks, “Do you know why I woke up in the middle of the night?” “Why?” "Because Kyuhyun said ‘AISH!!’ really loudly!! and I said ‘What’s wrong??’ and he was like, "I LOST!!’"
— 061024 Chunji Radio 

Thank you so much for this wonderful project SEELeeteuk